Thursday, December 30, 2004

Response: NYT Editorial "Are We Stingy? Yes" on Dec 30, 2004

I want to applaud NYT Editorial Board in being fearless in calling the spade for spade. Whichever way one tries to cut, America and this administration do not come clean. I fully agree with the argument and sentiment presented in this editorial. It is sad that America has not been more forthright and proactive in all of this aid affairs. They need to be. It is not pleasing to read the way other editorials (Times of India in particular) around the world are chastising and criticizing this administration. Indeed unpleasing and embarrassing.

The only good part is American people on their own are not waiting. They are coming forward and helping the affected people (yours truly included) whatever in his or her abilities. As more private donations come over the web, it will send the message to the world that regardless of what our politicians do, American people do understand how to come forward in need, remembering how the world came to them on 9/11.

As some editorials are pointing (TOI in particular); we are in the global world. Even in this tragedy, substantial Western visitors have died. More and more, we have to think in terms “one world one people” and act accordingly. NYT editorial is the right step in that direction.

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