Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bush – Singh Pact – Continued Commentary

Indeed it is so right that many are wrongly criticizing the proposed pact. It is also a wise suggestion by K. Subrahmanyam in Times of India (Come Together On Nuclear Pact, July 25, 2005) that Dr. Singh should thank NDA for laying the groundwork so that the proposed Bush - Singh pact is possible. One gets the feeling that NDA leadership is indeed deprived of due credit here. I am not fond of NDA and especially their leadership. But in the case of Nuclear Programs, Israel and numerous attempted peace initiatives with Pakistan; they did bring some fresh thinking. It is sad that that contribution is ignored and due to 'low politics' of Indian democracy they are opposing the logical end of their own path breaking work!

Going forward, it will be indeed very useful if Dr. Singh, Sonia, Karat from CPM and Vajpayee from NDA form a group and collectively pursue this Bush – Singh pact. The hard work is ahead - getting approval from USA Congress. Looking at the reactions from American newspapers and the traditional high religion of Democrats about NPT; the pact is likely to face serious challenges. American media is acutely aware of UPA's dependence on Communists. Washington Post in it's editorial openly mentioned so. Hence, unless India comes together as a united voice; India is unlikely to see the end result or fruits of the proposed pact. Otherwise it will simply remain on paper. It is understandable that many may indeed want the pact on paper only; but being proactive UPA government can avoid that situation.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA
July 24, 2005

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