Friday, August 12, 2005

Dr. Singh, we have a dream…

Many in India fail to realize the importance of correcting past mistakes of Indian State when the State failed miserably to protect her people. We have long way for State Governments to undertake such actions. But the Central or Federal Government needs to take the initiative and Dr. Singh has that chance.

It is great to see that Media has not fallen victim to this failure to realize the importance of Catharsis of 1984. Two Times Of India (TOI) editorials in last few days make the case clear and do the excellent job expected from a vigilant Media. All these years, I have been following editorials and many editorials have fairly maintained a solid and consistent line on the dark chapters of 1984 - Indian State must apologize, must make all her efforts to remove the tears from the victims.

Prosperity comes and goes, but it is the value system in the end which remains. Free India failed on some critical occasions to uphold a correct value system as needed for a modern state. Now is the time to rectify those failures.

We all pray that Dr. Singh executes on this plan. Dr. Singh, we have a dream - "Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high ...". What good of Tagore if we do not follow him in his own land? What good to visit America if we do not follow dreams articulated by Dr. King? Time has come to heal these wounds - one at a time because unfortunately there are more than one wounds.

So gratifying to see many in Indian Media understand this criticality. TOI is one of them.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA
August 12, 2005.


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