Saturday, September 24, 2005

India Falls in the Line

There has been lot of speculation about how India would vote on the latest IAEA resolution regarding Iran ( Finally India sided with USA and American spokesperson Matt Boland immediately interpreted Indian vote as New Delhi’s alignment with the broader concern in the world about Iran’s pattern of deception. So much for huffing and big posture by Natwar Singh and mandarins of Foreign Affairs Ministry!

Surely there will be lot of criticism within India about this vote. Of course from this resolution to the UNSC sanctions, the road is quite long. But possibly CPM will not leave the chance to criticize Congress Government as well as many intellectuals and journalists who do not agree with India siding with USA in this matter.

On the whole, this is a wise and right decision by India. When California Democrat House Representative Tom Lantos ripped New Delhi in a Congressional hearing there was so much backlash. He is the representative from Bay Area – San Mateo and has represented that seat for quite long. I read information about Lantos on his web site ( of course not an impartial source) and I am impressed by his credentials. Regardless of how Indian Media and Officialdom attempted to paint him as a reckless Congressman – he is born out of USA, came at very early stage from German occupation in WWII, only holocaust survivor ever to serve in American Congress and very principled man of law – quite impressive resume. It is difficult not to grasp the weight of his standing; especially when one compares with many light footed Parliamentarians in India. So even if his criticism was harsh to hear for Indian ears; he was talking indeed some sense.

Good that senses prevailed in India to realize that Bush - Singh Nuclear deal is contingent upon whether India sides with Washington in Iran matters or not. Our Foreign Ministry Mandarins had their feet in their mouth before all the dust was to be settled. Only if Indian Babu’s learn to be discreet and quiet…. This Iran resolution vote with USA still does not guarantee the safe passage of Bush – Singh agreement. But without that it would have had much lesser chance. So in the end India is computing that Bush – Singh deal is more realistic than pie in the sky dream of Iran Gas pipeline.

This IAEA vote is only one milestone of the unfolding drama. There will be many more twists and turns before everything gets settled in this complex matter.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA 95111
September 24, 2005.

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