Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina Commentaries

Some breath taking commentary about Katrina going around:

- My pick Joe Klien in Time (“Listen to What Katrina Is Saying”). Once again one of the finest essays, deeply philosophical and outstanding cultural commentary.

- Tom Friedman NYT, roaring back after his vacation. But his ‘weaker economy’ thesis is still bit unconvincing. When have there been no worries about any economy in the world? I think ‘better distribution of tax cuts’ than the current tax cuts favoring to rich is a right argument. There were so many Democrats who voted for that Tax cut stimuli as well…..

- Maureen Dowd NYT, what a sharp and caustic commentary! Very readable and excellent in the tradition of a partisan critique.

- NYT Editorials, coming out bit balanced and rightly pointing that there should not be White House led investigation of Katrina.

- Wall Street Journal, indicates that the Katrina political potato is so hot that it also cannot avoid a critical editorial.

- Washington Post, as usual balanced editorials, bit partial to people inside the beltway.

All in all excellent commentaries. The print Media is alive and picking up from where TV Media would not go after some excellent live coverage – critique, reflection and view points.
Umesh Patil
September 06, 2005

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