Sunday, September 11, 2005

What A Standard!

Here is that Conservative response about Katrina - “Of course Katrina wasn't as significant as 9/11.” This is the polemical revelation by none other than the apostle of Bushism – Fred Barnes in The Weekly Standard. At this point I guess Bushism is nothing but to keep aside one’s brain, whatever one has, and be a simple psychopath in blind admiration of Bush.

Well, this country is Free so Barnes have his right to say whatever he wants to so. It is just that what he is talking is truly divisive and almost on the verge of being unpatriotic. The thinking and path which Barnes is pointing is nothing short of war mongering, utter and total disregard to American lives (it does not matter black or white). These folks simply want to drape themselves in Old Glory and keep on shooting in dark with the foolish illusion that they are the ‘macho’ guys providing security to that vulnerable lady named American Freedom and anyone who is not in their party is simply not worthy living in America. What is dangerous is the attitude of total selfishness in claiming the complete ownership of Truth. Come one guys, don’t try to assume that you are the Vatican of Conservatism and the sole owner of Truth. Come down from your high perches and tip your toes in the Mississippi waters of reality.

Umesh Patil
September 11, 2005
San Jose, CA.

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