Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why not supply Water and Food from air?

Networks like CNN and others have gloated to call that New Orleans is like a Third World country. But we have seen that even in Third World country (I am from one of them – India) they do not do what current American Governing bodies are doing – NOT dropping water and food from air to people who are congregated at Superdome and New Orleans Convention Center and other places in the city. How much does it take to drop water and some basic food from air? They do all the time in Third World Countries like that. If evacuation is going to take time, why are American Governments (Federal and State and other agencies) not providing these basic necessities from air? USA government is effectively “killing” people. What is the use of that $400 billion Military when it cannot provide water and some food to it’s own citizens in this crisis time? Again we are not talking here Tuesday or Monday. This is happening, rather not happening, on the fourth day i.e. on Thursday. It does not help how many times President says that help is on way. It is better that he stops saying that and actually the help is provided.

When Media people go around to video record suffering of the people, it looks as a cruel jock to those who suffer. Why do they go to record when the crucial stuff of giving water and food needs to be followed with those incompetent Federal and State officials? Go after them. Filming 100 times same suffering is not helping America. It is hard to imagine in this country such things are allowed to happen. May be the commoners like us will need to keep on “calling” our respected Senators, House Representatives and that famous American Media to focus on these small things which are doable and which will help life.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA
September 1, 2005.

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