Saturday, November 19, 2005

Having it both ways – Republican and Democrat styles

Mr. Kagan and Mr. Kristol,

The questions you are asking to Rep. Murtha about what would happen if American forces cut loose and come back are right.
Yes, it will be indeed irresponsible for Rep. Murtha, Democrats and anyone to think that American Military can come back next day without any grave consequences for American security. In other words what Mr. Tom Bevan on RealClear Politics Blog ( says that Democrats cannot have it both ways is true – to keep on criticizing President Bush’s Iraq policy but to not own the consequences or not to worry about the aftermath of immediate withdrawal.

But the issue is whether all these questions which you ask to Rep. Murtha did President Bush ask himself? It will be irresponsible on anyone’s side to deny that President Bush, VP and NeoCons have not answered these questions adequately - they did not bother these questions at the start of the war and never provided any thoughtful, comprehensive answers. It is all right to ask Rep. Murtha about what is his responsibility, but not all right to forget who should have carried that responsibility in the first place – President Bush and war supporters.

So then who is having it both ways – those who started the war but never honestly owned the responsibility of providing right answers for the cost and ‘aftermath’ in the first place but still outsmarting anyone criticizing them or the ones who are at least able to see the problems in the current situation? Meanwhile, as it stands President Bush still wants a fully open ended commitment from America in footing the bill of Iraq war in terms of lives and dollars.

Ever since Iraq war started to appear on American Political stage in 2002, America as a country has been the victim of pyrrhic victories of Republicans – they want to continue the mindless, irresponsible war as they feel, but to shun away anyone who criticize them by catching that person in a corner named ‘patriotism’. President Bush, Karl Rove, VP, war supporters and Republicans have been successful to deploy this political strategy for last four years. Yesterday’s vote in the House on the Republican resolution is one more proof of the same and manifestation that the famous Republican ploy is still working, still capable for scoring politically. Well, all the critics of Iraq war and America in general know that such Republican tactics are often deployed in Democracy as well as used to win elections. So, it is as disingenuous as challenging patriotic credentials of Rep. Murtha to suggest that Democrats are trying to topple Republican power by other means instead of winning elections. That is wrong. Democrats have won elections in past, have won as recently as November 2005 and will win elections in future too. Let us just take that argument from this mind bogglingly charged and partisan atmosphere.

In the end both Republicans and Democrats are trying to have it both ways. The distinction about who is more culpable matters less for common American since no one is ready to come forward and lead. All that it demonstrates is that our elected representatives in mass - President, Senators, House Representative - all are simply more interested in political one-up-ship rather than solving the problems of real Americans who die in war and who suffer at home.

Your one sided questions do not make it balanced and as well does not help us to bring this myopic political class on ground. It is astounding where the pitch level has reached in American Politics. We would like your Journal and Blogs to help bring sanity, stability to this debate, not pour oil in the fire so that we all immolate in the out of hand inferno called Iraq war - at least for the sake of America’s security. I guess none of us were there when they said the emperor Nero played fiddle while Rome burned; but it sure seems that we are not far from that state today in America.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA 95111
November 19, 2005.

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