Thursday, November 10, 2005

Iraq War Justification – An Exercise in Extreme Intellectualism

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Leadership is in the end an ability ‘to see’ the future. When leaders get it right, people salute the leader; else regard that one as the failed leader. Look at it this way – if the leadership is all about ‘computing’ all the evidence and information on the table and simply logically deducing the conclusion; then why are there human bodies as politicians? You could simply have best computers or say best judges as your leaders.

Leadership is about taking the risk based on available information and making the call. But is that all? No, Leadership is going beyond taking this risk – taking all those who back that leader on the board. Meaning telling all those voters that we are taking a risk, we could be wrong but still worth pursuing a specific course of action.

Now let us come back to President Bush – how much political capital did he spend in telling people that invading Iraq was a risk too, that he could be wrong about WMD but still in the best interest of America? If it was, the saner minds of the society would have said – fair enough Mr. President; let us wait little bit (or so and so benchmark) and then pull the trigger. But all the capital President Bush spend was on how solid ground he was when he argued the case to invade Iraq. You know it – mushroom clouds and all the talk of his deputies like VP and others for whom the case was of slam dunk.

It was worse than simply selling the war. Karl Rove and President Bush in the end used the tragedy of 9/11 and Iraq war totally for political purposes – how to defeat Democrats any ways. It was way beyond a normal spin; milking America’s security crisis to the hilt. Forget about Democrats for a minute and let us just say they deserve to be defeated – but the real sin of Bush and company is shamelessly using America’s existential challenges simply to the end of getting elected and then forgetting about the problem.

Time has come for Neocons, Conservatives and Republicans to realize that President Bush and Karl Rove (with his cynical games of playing people’s fear for pure political purposes) are not the ones who will truthfully take their agenda forward. Here is the person – President Bush – whose conduct is raising fundamental questions about his integrity and his commitment to welfare of Americans; then why would you expect that he is the person who will advance the Conservative agenda which is in the end is for the benefit of Americans? Time to move on. Republican party has many capable, intelligent and high integrity leaders. Let us make space for them. President Bush – he will have to carry the cross of misleading Americans, ignoring their interests to his grave. Neocons or Conservatives do not need to carry the cross of justifying President Bush’s failures and come up with more triangulated and twisted justifications. Let us leave this matter and concentrate on how to solve America’s problem on hand. Justifying President Bush is waste; the way he has been wasting his Presidency.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA
November 11, 2005.

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