Sunday, December 25, 2005

Feedback: Bush Fade by MJ Akbar

I read MJ Akbar’s new blong on Asian Age web site ( Bush Fade) and following comments come to my mind.

1. I guess Americans are not much interested whether President Bush has the confidence or just an attitude to take the current ‘slide’ only at conviction. The point is, President Bush’s psychoanalysis – that is amusement but a last point for Americans to bother about.

2. About Iraq war, MJA contents that American presence is the key hurdle and once they are gone, united Iraq will be there. He is on the solid ground when he says it is the empire which always plays the bugaboo of ‘chaos after empire retreat’. But in this case I am not sure if that is fully applicable. There are at least two reasons:

a. As Tom Friedman and likes of him argue, Iraq is at a the crucial stage where in the next 6 months it will make the fundamental choice of whether to remain as a united country or be divided into mini states. Friedman argues that America’s presence should be determined whether America would have a willing partner in Iraqi government; mostly Shiite. If Shiite are not willing to be accommodative, the game is over and let Americans come back. I think Friedman style thinking is on the right track.

b. The other line is Rep. Murtha line – we need to get out because we have two choices: no American Army and no united Iraq or at least American Army and no united Iraq. Rep. Murtha is opting for the second option so that at least American Army is saved. He is worried about the too corrosive impact of the current fruitless engagement of American Army in Iraq.

All of these thoughts I have put in many blogs on this site, particular ‘Iraqi Crystal Ball’ and ‘Iraq – Beyond December15, 2005’.

3. Many Americans are coming to the point to think that – yes Iraq war has been wrong, useless; but some Army presence may be required for a while so to guard off the increase in Iranian influence. Continued Iraq occupation is the dominant response to counter Iranian influence – I am not so sure of this answer. But the catastrophic implications of increased Iranian influence can not be underestimated. MJA’s article does not high light this danger so much and the complicity of President Bush in all this. It is possible that Americans and the world will come to rue a lot President Bush for what the monster of Iran would develop (with the aid of oil dependent China and complacent Russia). Well, MJA not high lighting this danger is of no surprise since many intelligent people in the world still have not grasped the sufficient gravity of the situation. They all are busy in bashing President Bush. As MJA points rightly, President Bush is almost history. The mess in which America is due to President Bush, Americans will have to clean that without him. Americans need to worry about tomorrow, President Bush is already becoming a past.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA 95111
December 25, 2005.

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