Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Happy Holidays

As December 25th comes, you start reading lot of silly articles like:

Tom Sowell is wrong here and is wasting everyone’s time in debating some useless issue. Tom argues that it is a tragedy that people no longer have reference of Christianity during Christmas. What is the tragedy here? Indeed this country has many other people who are not Christian. I am a Hindu, my spouse is Hindu and my child born here in USA is Hindu too. My spouse is from Goa, India which celebrates Christmas. (It was ruled by Christian Portuguese for over 400 years.) We celebrate Christmas since that is the tradition my spouse follows and we like it.

But we celebrate Diwali too. In India, we do not have such problems and non-sense debate like what Tom argues here. Where is the problem if people want to simply call it Holiday and have some fun? How come Japanese enjoy celebrating Christmas too then?

For years, I used to greet everyone as 'Merry Christmas'. Now I make the point to greet as 'Happy Holidays' just as I trouble people like Tom Sowell and adamant Conservatives of this country who feel they are ruling the world just because President Bush got reelected.

People like Tom Sowell are no different than Hindu fanatics in India like Narendra Modi and RSS. They need to change and get over this obsession of how people greet and how people live in this country. Do not try to ridicule people because they do not want to have some traditional or religious references. That is their right. America is not a Christian country ruled by Pope. It is a Free country where there is separation of Church and State. As long as people are abiding the laws of the land and not living offensive to anyone; let them live their way. (Go and check, it is our President who is breaking the laws while spying on people...)

Tom, take it easy and have Happy Holidays.

Umesh Patil
409 Meadowfaire Place
San Jose, CA 95111.

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