Monday, December 19, 2005

Resistance – Yankee Style?

Scary and frightening post –
At the same time, it kind of itches to do something to stop this madness. What should we do? How do we do? Politics after 229 years in this country has reached to such a sanitized level that the raw participation from common people is almost excluded. I know there were Civil Rights Movement and other People's Movements back then. Where are today’s? How can we participate any such resistance act? Whom do we give money or add support to? Who is crystallizing this opposition to a power grab by our President? I am not looking at Democrats particularly. Have they digested the lessons of excess by Johnson Administration or are they making noise simply because it is a Republican Administration? Sad, sad; too many questions no easy answers. Probably 'crazy times' are devastating times because we do not know how to organize (or participate in) public acts to change this craziness.

It is unavoidable for an Indian not to remember those 18 months when democratic India (1978-79) was under the power grab of Indira Gandhi. It was much worse than what it has been here. Her excuse was CIA was destabilizing India. (It could have been true, who knows…) But those poor and illiterate people found some way some how to curtail that madness by increasing the political cost of undertaking such totalitarian ways. How do we do that Yankee style here? True, to think in this manner is way too romantic and unrealistic. But then does that mean we accept President Bush’s administration continue to spy on us? How and where does it stop?

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA 95111
December 19, 2005.

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