Sunday, March 05, 2006

Angry NYT Editors Bristle

In the editorial ‘Iran’s Best Friend’ NYT Editorial stopped just short of accusing Pres. Bush as ‘traitor’.
The line over here is Pres. Bush’s proposed India Nuclear Accord is the gift to Iran and Pres. Bush has abdicated any sense of responsibility while proposing this accord.

Well, when the high priest of Liberalism gets angry, at time he crosses the red line. This editorial seems to be that case.

NYT Editors simply want to forget that:
- India never signed NPT so it is not in breach of any international treaty and
- unlike Iran neither India wants to ‘wipe off’ any country from the world map nor like her neighbors she wants to proliferate the weapons of mass destruction.

But apparently the religion of Nonproliferation is some kind of ‘fundamentalism’ - no room for realistic assessment of today’s world; nor any regard to where America’s advantage lies in future. True, America is signatory to NPT; but that does not mean America is frozen to some kind of static world view of 1960s. It is a changing world and America needs to find ways to deal with it while still working within the legal framework. That is the work for Congress in coming days. Hopefully, Congress remains to it’s senses, sees the value in what Pres. Bush is proposing and finds the right, legal ways. That will be the end of this debate and then the angry editors of NYT will have to move to some new topic. Unfortunately till that time, we will have to deal somehow with these bouts of anger at NYT Editorials.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA 95111
March 5, 2006.

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