Thursday, April 06, 2006

Myopic view of Iraq War Backers

James Thayer has got it completely wrong (‘Four and Out?’ Daily Standard, It is very frustrating to see all these learned people make the simple and fundamental error: to equate or to imply Iraq war same as Global War on Terror. Leave aside the intellectual hollowness of the term of GWOT (it was General Anthony Zinni who rightly called bluff of this phrase); but Americans are neither tired nor walking away from the struggle or conflict to defeat the menace of Terror.

What Americans want is reevaluation of a mistakenly started and incompetently conducted Iraq war. How long these conservative morons are going to try fool people by equating Iraq war as efforts to stop Terror? That immoral guy Karl Rove and his mad President have been trying to take us on a ‘ride’ for last four and half years by their bluff ‘fight war in Iraq so that Terrorists will not come to our land’. What non-sense and hypocritical way of covering all their hubris in the first place!

Reasons America needs reevaluation of Iraq war are:
- factions in Iraq are fighting among themselves in which no foreign troop have a role and any engagement from foreigners would simply complicate the matter without any benefits;
- time has come to limit losses in Iraq war so that America knows what she needs to do in Middle East to protect her interests and to nullify terrorists eventually (America’s current Iraq war is surely not what needs here); and
- finally America can raise her head up from this quagmire so as to see the whole picture and regains her ability to address the entire spectrum of challenges on her radar (not just one single preoccupation). This is like we only have one front and America is engrossed in that at the cost of many other fronts on which America needs to fight. Doesn’t James remember that in WWII America fought two separate enemies in two separate theaters with different techniques?

So people like James Thayer need to stop all these deceptive arguments and stop trying to fool readers. Time is past to play such games.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA 95111
April 6, 2006.

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