Saturday, April 29, 2006

Worst President?

Sean Wilentz, a top notch Historian from Princeton University, rips apart Bush Presidency in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Here is the link:

Jay Cost of RealClearPolitics makes a feeble attempt to repudiate this scathing attack but it does not go anywhere.
The defense by Conservatives is weak. This means it is hard to escape a conclusion that at least some part of what Sean Wilentz is talking will in the end stick. Again that is not encouraging politically to this President as well as to GOP.

Wilentz criticism essentially puts the historical context to ‘incompetence and drifting away’ by this administration. It shows indeed how much ground this President will have to cover in the remaining days if wants to repair any of the enormous damage he has done so far. It is hard to speculate what could eventually salvage the reputation of this President, but 4 points come to the mind:

1. Some kind of contrition (regardless of how it could be perceived as beneficial to enemies) for basing the Iraq war on false evidence and some form of apology in misleading Americans into this war.

2. Actual concrete actions on the war front which will remove American soldiers from harms way and which will stop the expensive leakage of American treasury.

3. Striking out the immoral tax policy which Bush has supported so far – taxing less those who are in riches while allowing those in needs to languish.

4. Addressing concretely ‘America’s Oil Addiction’: enforcing higher gasoline mileage to passenger cars. Any other gimmick for Gar prices will be what it is – a gimmick only.

About Gas Politics - rebates, tax holidays, etc. all are short term and redundant actions. Lasting action will be enforcing higher mileage and helping Automakers to make this transition. For example, Fed can tax excess profits of Oil companies and put all of that money to help Automakers build cars which will be needed by the new mandate of higher mileage. Some such bold action only can help Pres. Bush to get out of the grand ditch he has created for himself.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA 95111
April 29, 2006.

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