Sunday, June 25, 2006

Advani Hammers

As decades and time passes, we are having less and less leaders who fought Indira’s Black Hole – Emergency Rule. It is like what it used to be when I was in schools – slowly and but surely all the Freedom Fighters were going away. With that India slowly forgot or put their heroic struggle in the collective history consciousness – depending upon your perspective. We are witnessing similar march of Time regarding India’s leaders who fought against Indira’s Emergency.

Thus Advani hammering Congress during the ‘Save Democracy Day’ comes at appropriate time. One does not need to remind his qualifications to hammer his criticism of Congress in this regard. His point is essentially true – Congress is incapable of thinking rulers away from Nehru - Gandhi family. True India had Rao and Dr. Singh is the current Prime Minister. But overwhelming power today still vests with Sonia. Dr. Singh is modern day avatar of ‘appointed vazir’ of Her Majesty, Empress Sonia in this case. Add to this pathetic clamor of Congress people for Rahul and Priyanka and then Advani’s argument rings the bell.

There is political tone to Advani’s talk, but that is what we want from our Opposition Party – fearless criticism of the ruling class. BJP leaders were right to point the heavy handed way of Congress Government in regards to last year’s Bihar Assembly fiasco. Congress has a long way to get away from these imperial tendencies which it exhibits on many occasions.

We all are waiting for a day when Congress Plenary Session passes the resolution to ‘condemn emergency’; apologies to masses for all those oppressive acts; renounces such dictatorial policies; vows never to repeat such actions in future and lays down concrete organizational measures to avoid such pitfalls in future (to the extent possible). Congress must create an organization environment where those who do not come from Nehru – Gandhi family are not handicap in pursuing legitimate leadership aspirations. Till then India needs from time to time reminder about ‘emergency’ as how Advani spoke. The worry is whether we will have young Indian population enough learned about this thing called ‘emergency’ and true significance of that? With all the hallabol of Globalization, Money and Mandal; one wonders if that ‘precious little – we always remain vigilant for our rights, freedom and Democracy’ will be lost on India’s young and energetic youth. On this day we pray that it does not happen. As they say, we should never forget what happened 23 years back.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA 95111
June 25, 2006

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