Sunday, June 18, 2006

Better Party to Execute the War

If Republicans and Karl Rove were to have maturity in not bragging Zarqawi killing as proof of working of Pres. Bush’s Iraq war, America would not have come to this not so happy stage. Karl Rove and House Republicans are back to the game of equating Iraq war as larger War on Terrorism and exploiting electoral advantages there off.

Let us look at the big picture of what America has achieved so far in this Iraq war:

- Saddam gone and one remote possibility of nuclear proliferation contained.

- Loss of 2500 American lives and many more possibly to come in future.
- Loss of around Half Trillion dollars ($500 Billion) on the avoidable war.
- Dropping of a ball from the larger picture of War on Islamic Fundamentalism and War on Terrorism.
- Degradation of American Army.
- International loss of America’s credibility and no attention to many other pressing Foreign Policy issues.

With this balance sheet, for any political leadership to contend that Iraq War has been beneficial to America is plain simple wrong. By now the original NeoCon thesis of Democracy in itself good and answer for rogue states is enough discredited that no one believes this thesis. Further, whom are we kidding if we say that Iraq is well on the path of stable Democracy? The country still has the same danger of civil war and division what it was before Zarqawi killing. The road is long and mostly actions are on the part of Iraqi’s themselves.

And of course, while all the cost benefit analysis is going on; how do you account for the false premise (of WMD) on which the war was sold principally to American people and then to the world?

Explaining all this to American people is the only way to call the bluff of Karl Rove:
- The war was started on wrong premises, by deceiving America.
- Purported benefits do not justify the cost paid so far.
- Equating Iraq war with War on Terror is wrong since these two are different things.

The question is what do we do now. Rove is hammering Democrats by portraying them as the political party which does not have gumption to execute the war; they want to cut loose and run and only Republicans can do this job. The way Democrats need to reply is – yes, America will not cut and loose as long as Iraqi’s do not engage in Civil war but do Americans want to ‘trust’ Republicans to run the remaining war again? It needs to be reminded that inability of America to wind up Iraq war is squarely fault of Pres. Bush and then why Americans in right mind want to trust Republican leadership in prosecuting the remaining war? Even after all the lying and bad execution? The only way a right political opposition can rise to Rove’s games is when alternating political force convinces public of it’s ‘savvy’ to execute the remaining Iraq war (and to pull out if Iraq Civil War starts) and the overall War on Terrorism. What Americans need to know is Pres. Bush’s insistence in continuation of Iraq policy and backing of Republicans to that policy is more a function of keeping up their political power rather than any welfare of America. There is no other alternative other than questioning Pres. Bush’s integrity here. In absence of that Rove’s cunning ploy will succeed yet another time. Since many political opponents of Pres. Bush backed his Iraq policy at start, even at some political cost; it will be hard now to label these opponents as political opportunists. Political opportunism is more manifested by Pres. Bush and his party.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA 95111
June 17, 2006

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