Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Last Stand of Bushies and Challenge to American Political System

Final set of Conservatives who intend to save Pres. Bush’s presidency are taking the last stand while arguing that Pres. Bush is right in so for as:
- understanding the high stakes of Iraq war and
- laying down serious consequences of American defeat / retreat from Iraq.

Tom Bevan makes that argument in RCP.

This is called ‘living in dream’ or ‘head in Anbar sand’.

Time has come for America to understand the devastating consequences of continuing Pres. Bush’s Iraq war for next two years. We are talking around 700 American lives per year and around $100 Billion per year.

Let us get it straight – serious consequences of ‘retreat’ are no substitute for totally ‘incompetent Command in Chief’. Pres. Bush is no Churchill nor is he Revolutionary Commander George Washington. What this means is why would Americans risk $100 Billion and 700 American lives per year in the hands of Pres. Bush? Since he will not be replaced until his term is complete, America is best served by saving these resources even if risk increases due to retreat. With these savings, America can bet on the next Commander in Chief to utilize those resources to address effectively America’s fall from grace. But Pres. Bush; nay, he is just that ‘emperor without clothes’.

Wake up Conservatives and smell the coffee or smell the burning human flesh in Baghdad. Don’t justify war continuation by rendering dire consequences. America has seen enough of such ‘negative scare politics’ for too long as practiced by Pres. Bush and Karl Rove.

If at all, the real challenge is how should American Political System redress an errant Commander in Chief who totally misuses the public trust to start a false war, to conduct it in totally irresponsible way and then hold American public at ransom in continuing this loosing policy. We are not like a parliamentary democracy where the ruling party or ruling coalition changes the Prime Minister and like a chameleon changes color to suit the reality. (Not that parliamentary system is superior, it is just that it has this specific advantage.) It is the President who gets the votes for four years and hence American system puts unusual amount of trust in the President. There is no realistic mechanism to back down once the President is elected. Impeachment and all that are not realistic options and not good for a democratic nation. Hence we are stuck with this President and his refusal to withdraw forces from Iraq. This policy – pressing to continue American forces in the middle of Iraqi Civil War – must stop. It does not matter all the lipstick James Baker would put on this policy saying talks with Syria and Iran are keys. Who cares whether Pres. Bush talks with two other bad guys? As long as our soldiers are not removed from the middle of cross fires of Iraqi society, all other things are useless. James Baker does not solve our problem neither eulogy of Pres. Bush in admiring how he understands the high stakes. The right comment on Baker commission is as what Andrew Bacevich has to say in CSM
“The ISG is antidemocratic. Its implicit message to Americans is this: We'll handle things - now go back to holiday shopping.”
So arrogant of these politicians…

As Joe Klein in Time says ‘The United States has lost the war in Iraq…’; we need to start grasping that move forward. Admiration about Pres. Bush’s understanding of high stakes will not take us anywhere. It is true that Pres. Bush is unfairly receiving bad rap from Moqtada al-Sadr in Iraq when Sadr blames all problems of Iraq on Pres. Bush. It is totally self-serving and ungrateful on Iraqi Political Class to blame Pres. Bush when it is he who despite the criticism at home has spent so much to free Iraqi Shiite from Saddam. Anger towards Pres. Bush on part of Sunnis is understandable since they lost the power after toppling Saddam. But why Shiite? Abu Grahib cannot be dictating all things in the world.

It is one thing for Americans to criticize Pres. Bush but it is totally wrong from Shiite to keep on harping him. And that is the point – why do Americans should be in the place where all their sacrifices are valued zero for some missteps? It is wrong for Pres. Bush to keep on spending American blood and it is wrong for Iraqi’s to blame everything on Americans when they refuse their share of responsibility. Wise people get out of such situation, live for another day and solve these issues later when atmosphere is more cool. Pres. Bush needs to show this wisdom which is missing so far and American Public needs to find ways to steer Pres. Bush to this position, not getting awed by his grasp of high stakes.

Umesh Patil
San Jose, CA 95111
November 29, 2006.

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