Friday, February 02, 2007

American Culpability in Iraqi Civil War

Charles Krauthammer questions Farid Zakeria’s assertion that America did not give freedom to Iraqi’s but Civil War. ( It is not quite often that one agrees with Charles. He has been too shrill, ideologically motivated in analyzing Iraq war fiasco. But in this article, it is hard not to agree with him.

Fundamentally, Charles argues the futility of blaming Americans for unraveling of Iraqi Society as it implodes in multitude of civil wars. Indeed, to blame Americans for this is morally repugnant. In a way, it is another side of the argument when Thomas Friedman questions where are Muslim Martin Luther King when no Muslim intellectual or leader comes forward to condemn killings of Muslim population by Muslims themselves. Farid Zakaria and folks who blame Americans for this are wrong.

The mistake by Americans have been to enter Iraq war with such naivety that after toppling of Saddam, that society would not go to the toss. It is not just a failure of Foreign Policy, but total disregard in understanding the ‘value’ of those on whose sacrifices American Foreign Policy is executed – lives of American soldiers, sacrifices of their family and tax dollars. It is the internal accountability that is missing from Pres. Bush in starting and prosecuting this war. Charles Krauthammer has a different take on that, but at least he got it right here that blaming America is wrong.

It is good that Charles kept quite and did not express what is the right way for America. The right way for America is what her public feels – there is no business for American troops in the middle of a civil war and Americans should stay away from that.and pouring 21,000 more American lives is totally a pig headed solution.

Umesh Patil
Cupertino, CA 95014
February 02, 2007.

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