Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sen. McCain – Following Foot Steps of Pres. Bush

For last four years, Pres. Bush has been deriding his Iraq war critics as ‘unpatriotic’ and the ones who embolden terrorists. For him to go to Democrats 2007 Winter retreat and to say he did not mean it is of no use. He already deceived American people and got what he wanted by painting his opponents in so black and wrong colors.

Sen. McCain is following the same path – blaming those who want to put forward Iraq war resolution (opposing the escalation by 21K troops) as the ones who are not putting forward alternatives. He is selectively ignoring their alternative proposals. Like a pig headed person he is refusing to accept the reality that there is much less what troop increase would achieve in Iraq and same like Pres. Bush he is accusing everyone else as undermining American troops whenever one says that we should not escalate the war any further. The warmonger joker Sen. Liberman is his lackey in this disingenuous affair.

American people have seen this movie before – questioning loyalty and intentions of war critics. If Sen. McCain wants to pursue his Presidential bid with this immoral political strategy, we Americans have a task in front of us – defeat Sen. McCain and boot him out. He sold us and cheated enough while striking a deal with White House in matters of treatment of Guantanamo prisoners. He is one of those dangerous kinds of politicians – portraying himself high on moral grounds while at crucial moments selling the interests of American people.

All this cacophony will be there – but the Senate, House and Congress in general must pass these resolutions where Congress puts it on record that ‘troops escalation’ is not in America’s interest. Contrary to what Sen. McCain says, these resolutions have nothing to do with America’s backing to our troops. Of course, Americans support our troops. We do not need lectures from Sen. McCain for that. His service in Vietnam does not give him a blank check so as we Americans and his fellow Senators endure all sorts of distrustful comments from him.

Otherwise we voters should ensure that all those Senators who refuse to show sense in restricting Pres. Bush are endured in coming elections. It is a defining moment now – whether these Senators do their duty of representing will of the people or not. Sen. McCain is at his political games to avoid this. Rest of the senate should not fall for this trap. Else the same way the original senate vote backing Pres. Bush’s Iraq war is haunting to so many senators, this lack of ‘spine’ will haunt to all these senators in future too.

Democrats and sensible Republicans should go ahead with their resolutions. If Republicans want to filibuster or oppose it, so be the case. Let us have things on record so that constitutionally intended Democracy unfolds as expected rather than Senate proceedings being hostage to Sen. McCain’s drama and taunts.

Umesh Patil
Cupertino, CA 95014
February 4, 2007.

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