Saturday, April 14, 2007

Forcing Pres. Bush on Iraq – Primary Responsibility of Dems

As Pres. Bush has started to ratchet up his criticism of Congressional Dems about the Iraq war funding; the political debate is approaching a critical point. More his policies fail, more desperate is Pres. Bush to argue his point. In fact, it is the Pres. Bush’s senseless Iraq policy which is what in the ‘last throes’!

So this administration is making clear that it would rather immolate itself but will not bring the issue of ‘timeline’ in the Iraq policy as Dems want it rightly. The fear is Dems will fall for this shrill rhetoric from this looser President. They must not. If it at all Dems have any sense and intention to retain their credibility, they will realize that this is the most fundamental issue for this Congress to deal with - to force ‘timeline’ issue in the current Iraq policy. It is lifetime’s responsibility on these Dems to stay together, strongly united, and pass the Iraq war funding bills with concrete limits on America’s commitments.

They should try hard to bring many more sensible Republicans on the board too. But the issue of ‘timeline’ must be non-negotiable. Otherwise keep pounding politically on these Republicans who are gutless in bringing any sense to Pres. Bush’s Iraq policy. There are ample points which indicate why bringing closure to America’s Iraq occupation now is important:
- increased duty time for American forces and continued stretching of our forces at the cost of readiness for future conflicts;
- admission by an active American military leader that Iran may be funneling both sides of the Iraqi Civil war to pin down American forces, meaning Americans are playing right into the hands of Iran;
- failure of Iraqi government to meet any benchmarks as well as total lack of will to do so;
- substantial doubts about the success of the ‘surge strategy’ and
- finally the option of redeploying American forces in Middle East so that it gives America a reasonable foot hold to control any further damage to American interests.

Dems in Congress need to legislate this change in policy regardless of Pres. Bush’s threat to veto such bills. Let him veto, let him have it on record how callously he is ready to let Americans die in an open ended war instead of ‘boxing his ego’.

Pres. Bush is essentially throwing a political challenge to anyone to change his failed policy. He is indeed acting as like an emperor, totally oblivious to Americas true interests. If not now then when, if not Dems then who will oppose this state planned butchering of American soldiers? It is time to stand tall, united and oppose Pres. Bush.

Failure of Dems to do so will be more long lasting than the failure of Pres. Bush to adjust his policy. It is better that Dems concentrate all their political abilities on this single most important issue (rather than making ‘trips’ to Middle East countries) of changing Iraq war policy.

Umesh Patil
Cupertino, CA 95014
April 14, 2007.

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