Sunday, April 29, 2007

Here Goes WaPo Again

(Washington Post publishes an editorial about McCain’s candidacy on Sunday April 29, 2007. The link is

Well, quite a bit of homilies from Sen. McCain and his messenger Fred Hiatt here. It is amazing how the Post still continues to believe that the America flock is dumb and will not question those characters who created the Iraq mess - Bush and McCain, the main cheerleader along with Hiatt and Border. You guys suck, are shameless and absolutely do not deserve to get any chance to rule America.

If it was possible to kick out Pres. Bush, people would have done that. Dems do not have 2/3 majority and the next election is still away. Hence people are accepting this suffering. Then which sane person would elect McCain and continue this torture? You all (McCain, WaPo and Beltway Pundits) have ganged enough to destroy America. We do not need it any more by electing McCain who can not think - if he says America should not go to the war unless all 'those' conditions are ensured; then what was he doing in the Senate while precisely all those things were missed when Bush conducted the Iraq war? Was he sleeping in Senate? If he says getting elected is not important but to get the national security right; then why did he not pursue the 'crusade' against Bush policies which continue to tramp all those benchmarks he so eloquently formulates in his speech? And you shameless editorial board sings praise for that! How pathetic!

By uttering what is good or how to repair the damage done; McCain or Bush Party does not get another chance. Even if what they are saying may have truth; it does not make sense for Americans to mortgage their future with types of McCains. If Turkish people can get 1 million protestors on road with the mere possibility of Islamist AK Party potentially 'showing their colors' when AK party president is elected; we Americans will not be dumb to put another drunken monkey in the White House knowing that these monkeys have proven their ‘damage inflicting’ capabilities beyond doubt.

Bottom line - once you break the pottery, you do not get chance to 'fix it' no matter how smartly you try to 'talk' the repair. Americans got to get someone else to repair it.

Umesh Patil
Cupertino, CA 95014
April 29, 2007.

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