Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Sole Outstanding Cricketing Team – Australia

This has been outstanding performance by the Australian side in this World Cup 2007. They remained unbeaten and no side could come anywhere near to their performance. The performance of the team in the final is phenomenal. It is total domination by Australians in the World Cup. One has to go back into Cricket History to resurrect past West Indies team of Clive Llyod if one wants a true opposition to this unstoppable juggernaut.

It is not just this World Cup, for last decade or so; Australia has been able to produce some phenomenal Cricket. Today’s win in the World Cup is the crowning glory. It shows their professionalism, skill and athleticism.

Their main bowler McGrath is selecting a great occasion to retire from the game. One wishes Indian players have such a sense of when to call a day. There are so many senior players in Indian team which are past their prime, but still hanging around.

It is not just when to ‘call a day’ sense which is missing among Indian players. But shabby attitude, lack of professionalism, no worthwhile bench strength, no systematic grooming of players and incompetent management by BCCI; all these are the problems of Indian Cricket. What is more, with mounting losses to advertising industry (not that anyone would shed tear for their excesses); the medium term future of Cricket does not look good. Long term, inept handling of Global Cricket (notice how badly the final of this World Cup was run) by ICC does not look promising either. Competition from other sports is intense, many of those are better managed.

In absence of poor Subcontinent Cricket by India and Pakistan (Bangladesh and Lanka played great); Australians more than compensated by their scintillating performance. Rarely a side dominates a game so thoroughly. But it seems Australians are used to this. The question is will such great Cricket by Australia can save this game globally. Sadly it does not look promising.

Umesh Patil
Cupertino, CA 95014
April 28, 2007.

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