Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bush Victory

Bush and victory, these two words do not go together often. Apart from his two presidential victories, there is not much for him to show. And now this victory over Democrats in getting his war funding till September without withdrawal timeline.

It is a sad day for America because her President’s political victory is at the cost of interest of this nation. All said and done, President Bush would have been wise to rise above the fray and should have followed a path different than his ‘blank check’ policy. Surely it need not have been timeline; but a sense that time is up and America will alter the course to address her security needs in a different manner – the mechanism which does not involve committing American lives for Iraqi civil war. No doubt President Bush could have asked for this sacrifice of American lives not for Iraq war but for the real cause – the real cause for which the GOP leader John Boehner shed tears while voting on this war funding bill. The GOP leader knows the real war – fighting the terrorists who waged 9/11 on America.

And we all know who are those terrorists and how they are not in Iraq. President Bush lives on a different planet and we mortal on Earth pay the price.

This tragedy will have to be continued unfortunately till September 2007. What were Dems going to do when this adamant President continued to veto all measures with some timeline? How were they going to pass these bills without veto proof majorities in Congress?

Now, that does not mean one is required to follow the GOP line that Dems should not have brought a bill with timeline component in the first place. Congress is required to bring those bills to express people’s will. Just because this President in the end is going to ‘kill’ people’s will does not mean we should not have it on record too.

There will be time when even this misguided President will have to bow to America’s will. It will be October 2007 when this funding expires and at that time Congress and public will not be any mood to accept ‘blank checks’ to the commander in chief.

Conservative politicians will gloat and will laugh for a while saying how na├»ve and foolish Dems have been. But one has to take their fun in stride and do what is good – wait till September and then bring the closure.

The Bush saga is on the final leg and there is no need to be impatient here. Constitutional arrangement as well as ‘people’s will’ will catch with this charade and will soon bring a curtain on it.

Umesh Patil
May 24, 2007.
Cupertino, CA 95014

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