Wednesday, July 18, 2007

GOP – The War Party

Greenwald in Salon has rightly characterized GOP as the Iraq War Party and how each of the GOP presidential candidates (with the exception of Paul Ron maybe) is in effect the backer of Bush’s Iraq war policy. Mayerson in WaPo also characterized correctly how so called ‘paragon of GOP’s sane voice on Iraq’ (Senators Lugar, Warner, Vinovich, etc.) is also spineless. One could see that in the latest Senate vote on the troop pull out bill. Only Hagel, Smith, Snowe and Collins had the guts to side with the ‘right side of the history’.

For Dems there is no other option than keep coming back with such bills and every time keep demonstrating how GOP is backing Bush’s failed Iraq policy with total disregard to American lives, tax money, America’s international leverage and in the end American security. This is despite all of Dem bills containing the provision of keeping appropriate number of American soldiers in Iraq after the pull out. By bringing back these bills again and again, it needs to be hammered with American people how GOP is totally wrong and discredited on this issue.

GOP has made the call of sinking with Bush. Well, then so be the case.

It becomes task of every ‘war pull out backer’ to participate in ‘grass root’ movement to defeat each and every GOP Senator and Representative who back this reckless war. American citizens owe to our Democracy to defeat every Sen. Lindsay Graham of this world. (Watch his foolish and irresponsible arguments with Sen. Webb in the Meet the Press program of Tim Russert.)

Why are we contributing to Dem Presidential candidates? We should rather start contributing, now, to defeat / unseat / recall all these GOP war backing Senators. That should be the real campaign of Dems. Impeaching Bush is not feasible and not required. Attack these GOP Congress people who back wrong Iraq War and who allow dropping the guard on National Security at home while Al Queda gets free hand.

While Bush is in White House, the focus will be on his wrong policy and it will expose each Congress member who gives short hand to his or her responsibility whenever he or she backs Iraq War.

We now know what is the real political fight progressive forces need to undertake. Obsessing with Obama or Hilliary while neglecting the need of mobilizing opinions among our fellow Americans in GOP district is as irresponsible on our part as these GOP Senators. Conservative political pundits (for example RealClearPolitics) have every incentive to focus on Obamas and Hilliarys of this world. It serves two purposes for them:
- to rally GOP base for Giulianis and McCains of this world and
- to push issues of Bush’s Iraq war under the carpet. Meanwhile these GOP Senators get away with their hideous acts.

If Obama and Hilliary want to join this progressive struggle, well and good. Else we have to do those things on our own.

Umesh Patil
Cupertino, CA 95014
July 18, 2007.

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