Saturday, August 25, 2007

Democracy Farce by DNC

It may very well be the case that GOP Governor and GOP dominated Florida legislature intended to create this chaos for Democrats by forcing Florida to hold their presidential primary early. But still the fact remains that DNC is making a mess of organizing the presidential primaries.

It was a good start then to have Nevada and S. Carolina as two additional states in the first lot. But lot of water has gone down the Potmac and political reality in times of YouTube and Internet is very different. Presidential primaries need to be even more democratic and representative; not some rigid system. Why Iowa and New Hampshire should be the first states all the time? Why did DNC not show the courage of having rotating primaries in four regions of the nation? The way democracy needs to work is not having primary presidential politics beholden to Iowa and New Hampshire all the time. The current process is disaster for American Democracy and DNC has not been enough progressive in this matter. It is no consolation that GOP is not doing anything either. But that is their problem.

Electoral College System of electing a president (but not the popular vote count) is a bad enough system in the first place. DNC and Americans need to work to go away from this system.
Leave aside that, within primaries too, DNC is not showing any vision. The only spine gets reflected when DNC wants to punish Florida.

May be Florida and Michigan should go ahead with their primaries regardless of ruling from DNC. Delegates or not delegates; it will at least demonstrate the uselessness of the current primary system. Unless the current system is completely thrown away, nothing new worthwhile is going to emerge. All these DNCs and party establishments are beholden to Iowa, New Hampshire and some non-democratic system. That must change.

Umesh Paitl
Cupertino, CA 95014
August 25, 2007.

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