Thursday, September 06, 2007

Demented AB Bardhan

If one wants to see an example of how some people in rest of the world hate USA for it’s own sake, one should look at AB Bardhan - the crazy old man, the General Secretary of Communist Party of India.

Basically, CPI and its big brother CPIM along with their motley crew of communist allies oppose Indo-USA Nuclear Accord. Now if they oppose the accord because if they think it is not a good deal for India, then that is their prerogative. However, their larger opposition is based on perceived strategic alliance of India with USA. Faire enough – if these Communist parties do not see value in such an alliance, again it is the internal matter of India. But why the inability to see these things in professional manner and land up in rising heckles against USA? Bardhan claims that ‘how can USA be friend of anyone’ as if it is the hell on earth and root cause of all evils on earth. How malicious and wrong.

Bardhan needs to refresh knowledge of his history. I guess America’s little contribution in past World Wars, contribution in the Korean War, liberation of Kuwait in 1992; all these are nothing. For these America haters, blood of Americans is cheap. Nobody is claiming that America is free of mistakes, but from that to jump to a conclusion where there is no friend for America is total ignorance. How sad that Indians have to put with such political garbage all the time. For people like Bardhan, America’s financial helpful gestures, scientific contributions (Green Revolution in India?), technological hand of help and security blanket to many in the world do not matter. It is totally ungrateful.

It is understandable the intense hate of America as displayed by Al Qeda type of terrorists as was evident when some such terrorists were caught in Germany this week. But why Bardhan wants to join that party in hating America? It is very well that Indian Politicians do not want to sign the Nuclear Pact. Rest of the world will move on but will try again in future to work with India. India is too big of a country for rest of the world to ignore. Fortunately, that much sense is there in American political system as well as with other capitals of the world. But all of these national interest calculations should not degenerate into digging ‘who has how many friends’ where definition of friendship is all subjective.

Foreign policy matters are dealt on the basis of cold national interest calculations. America is no exception to that neither anyone is expecting India to be different. But such a discourse of foreign policy can not be conducted with cheap talks like:
- ‘divorce’ between Congress and Communists,
- gates of heaven will not be opened and
- ‘how can anyone be friend of USA’?
These are all the ‘enlightened’ utterances from AB Bardhan, the demented comrade from India.

Do Messer Bardhan and Comrades ask questions like how friendly India has been with rest of the world? How many times India been good and helpful to rest of the world? Where Indians died while liberating Bangladesh, even that country does not want to have friendly relationship with India. These Indian politicians should just look around themselves and figure out how pathetic India’s contributions are to the overall well being and good of South Asian population and to rest of the world.

Forget about this Nuclear Accord, if this is the talk Indian politicians want to engage into, diplomatic manners will be kept aside and American diplomats will be tempted to seat these demented Indians in their places. In the end one single accord can not be at the cost of insults to any single nation as well as further down fall of India’s political discourse.

Umesh Patil
Cupertino, CA 95014
September 6, 2007.

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mohammed said...

An Indian Communist is one, who will own a cell phone, but will not use it in public lest it be construed as a capitalist tool.

An Indian Communist is one, who will shout against computerization from the top of the roof, yet would enroll his child for Computer Engineering and would secretely hope for a placement with an American Company.

An Indian Communist is one, who will tomorrow agree to a change that should have happened today.

An Indian Communist is one who believes that WHAT BELONGS TO HIM IS HIS AND WHAT BELONGS TO OTHERS IS OURS.