Monday, October 29, 2007

Letter to Tom Bevan of RCP

(Open letter to Tom Bevan of in response to his comment - Krugman's Fear)

Dear Tom,

Naturally you are entitled to have opinions about Paul Krugman. Krugman is my favorite, but he is not some small time political columnists. So I can very well see the kind of sophisticated arguments he advocates in his columns. Hence it is quite acceptable that you engage tough with him about punditry.

But having said all that, his fear and apparently malicious writing do resonate with me - that GOP is inherently 'racists'. Keep in mind that he was one of the few guys who had the guts to criticize Iraq war when even most Democrats could not think the folly of the war and went with the 'wind'. So I can very well expect Krugman to have guts to say this - that large number of GOP members are racists in disguise; especially the current Presidential candidate crop and in particular Guliani (except may be Ron Paul or McCain).

I am a brown skin myself, naturalized in this country and love this place. I do consider myself fortunate to be in USA and Silicon Valley in particular (that does not necessarily mean I have less love or respect for my country of birth and upbringing). I have come across so many 'white skin' persons over here about who I have respect as humans with strong integrity streak. I am sure quite a few of them must be Republican.

But it is so sad that the same GOP and it's establishment have become so 'racists and red neck' after 9/11. How on earth you could explain the way GOP played games with 'immigration' reform? Don't tell me it is about 'legality and law'. Of course you could have had right solution for that part without discarding the whole 'immigration' deal.

Chinese capital market may be in bubble. But still it is noteworthy that out of the 10 most capitalized companies in the world, today 5 are Chinese and 3 Americans; while America ruled the roost all along. It may change in future. But what is the message - unless the Union founded by Washington finds way to grow 'demographically', America will quite likely yield her economic top slot to China and India. So then why not adopt more 'inclusive' attitude towards immigration? Of course, the moral argument still applies and is inherently superior too.

If it is not this country in the world who would unabashedly back immigration and welcome people of the world by open hands, then which country would? As Regan used to say - 'if not we, then who? if not now, then when?'.

I like Peggy Noonan. I can fully understand why she termed Bush Era as 'battered wife syndrome' for the GOP base. But I have to tell – even that hated President, King George, got it right when he dared to call the under belly of GOP - racism.

Tom, personal request - we can keep aside so many of GOP’s ideologically driven but wrong policies - infinite tax cuts, perennial favors to rich, disregard to global warming and so on. But please do not contribute to GOP's dark side - racism and ‘rapture of American social fabric’. You have your pen, you have your web blog, you have clout, you are smarter than mortals like us; please do us favor, really to all of us - stand firmly against Racism and be strong supporter of Immigrants.

Umesh Patil.

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