Sunday, October 07, 2007

Types of Roger Cohen and Fred Hiatt

Intellectual honesty demands that Roger Cohen answers tough questions raised by Ezra Klein on his blog ( "Liberal Hawks and The Last Kiss").

Yes, Roger, you are sham. At least Tom Friedman had the honesty to admit that he missed on the Iraq war. Not you, shame on you.

You clearly represent one of the many things what is so wrong with today's America. You are same as like that fool at Washington Post - Fred Hiatt. No guts, no sense of history and totally clueless about the world around you and worst of all still want to 'preach' rest of the society. You all are corrupt intellectuals.

Why not some honesty and humility? How long on earth will you keep on clinging to the argument that ‘…but was it not right to remove Saddam Hussain in itself considering all of his human rights violations?’. By that token America should be in the business of ‘regime change’ in half of the world.

Of course, that is not the reason America should stop when American can undertake a ‘regime change’. But the question is how would America undertake that ‘regime change’? Take Cohen’s beloved example of Kosovo – unless there is international consensus or at least some globally accepted mandate; it is not right for America to undertake such endeavor of ‘regime change’. Instead of getting around UN with America, Bush sent his Secretary of State to lie in front of the world and simply snubbed UN.

Further, how can you ignore the fact that it has been totally irresponsible of Bush to get engaged in ‘regime change’ (let us say on the basis of Cohen’s noble cause – stopping the dictator) when America’s national security demanded that strategically and tactically America focused on Osma Bin Laden and immediate danger of Al Qeda? And then why are Cohen’s of the world blaming people for not understanding nuances of the position in backing the Iraq war? Does that subtlety matter when in the first place America should not have gone that road in 2003?

Common sense would have told people back then to understand the folly of Iraq war (and oh yes, I did not loose my common sense then too and opposed the war from start). But People like Cohen and Hiatt have failed America.

Umesh Patil
Cupertino, CA 95014
October 7, 2007.

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