Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Missing the Point

Ed Koch in RealClearPolitics chastises Al Gore for expressing views critical of the current American Administration in the Bali conference.

But Ed Koch misses the point. Until he has concrete information why the Americans made the ‘U turn’ in their policy at the last minute, there is every reason for a rational person to assume that:

- only the ridicule heaped by rest of the world forced Bush Administration in changing it’s policy about addressing the Global Warming and

- presence of Al Gore and articulation by so many other Americans (including Sen. Kerry) that their government is not on the right side of the policy; only helped rest of the world to clearly understand that many more Americans are willing to work with rest of the world in making real changes.

Ed Koch and critics like him are totally wrong in placing ‘public manners of not criticizing one’s country in international forum’ higher than the need of the hour – forcing America to change her policy.

The same RealClearPolitics site has a link to an article in Boston Globe by HDS Greenway and the article talks about disastrous consequences of certitude and non-flexibility in policies of ‘Bush the decider’.
Bush’s argument, as quoted by Robert Draper in Bush’s biography, is that in the end what matters is ‘ultimately whether the world is better off or not due to your actions’. Barring any immoral and illegal acts, as long as your actions contribute to the betterment of the world, those are welcome. So what, if it means hurting preposterous sensibilities of likes of Ed Koch?

Also Ed Koch is a cry baby when he keeps on pointing to global warming caused by China and India. Economic development in these countries is surely adding to the global warming and such development pattern definitely needs to change. But the honest way in arriving estimates of culpability of the Western World is not to look at today’s annual CO2 emission numbers on country basis, but to look at the cumulative contributions over the last century by the Western World. Based on data compiled by World Resource Institute (WRI) in it’s Climate Analysis Indicator Tool (CAIT), the cumulative CO2 emission figures for 1850 – 2002 are as follows:

( and

Clearly Ed Koch’s argument is completely misplaced and wrong.

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