Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coming Soon - Swiftboating of Journalism Studies?

A study undertaken by ‘Center for Public Integrity’ (http://www.tfij.org/) and ‘Fund for Independence in Journalism’ (http://www.publicintegrity.org/) reasonably proves that George Bush along with his administration people lied to America. Unfortunately unlike his predecessor, those lies were not about his sexual practices or preferences; but those were about life and death of Americans and Iraqis.

Instead of American Public trying to censure or impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney (not that I support any of those things); we are quite likely to see a different spectacle – ‘swiftboating’ of these studies. Bush and his cronies will go in earnest to tarnish the credibility of folks who would have conducted these studies. And for sure, Fred Barnes will write one more column mocking people behind these studies no less than in New York Times! And of course Fred Hiatt in Washington Post will ensure that there is one more editorial chiding Democrats about why they are not condemning these studies! Indeed American discourse has changed dramatically. Who says George Bush has not altered political discourse of this country? He has, unfortunately for worse.

Will there be any wise people in this country who sense the inherent ‘good / useful’ about these studies and prod Americans to internalize all the right lessons of that?

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