Sunday, January 06, 2008

Destruction of Test Cricket

`Australia defeated India in the Sydney Test. But as chronicled so extensively in media, it was defeat brought by third rate umpires of this test match and not by true game by Australians.

By and large Australians are the top team in Cricketing World. But they are never known to be a sporting team. The kind of ‘out right’ cheating they did in this test match is total disgrace to the game as well as to their rich tradition.

What needs to happen next? BCCI owns World Cricket. If tomorrow, India and her sponsors get out of the world of Cricket and Test Cricket, the whole edifice of ICC will come down in few years. Arrogant Rick Pointing, who so wrongly thinks he can decide which journalist can seat in the post match press conference, will see financial losses if it is not for the generosity of India public and their sponsorships in the world of Cricket.

Where is Sharad Pawar when we need most? What is happening to his sense of justice? Why is he not threatening ICC to get these things corrected and throw the whole set of umpires who administered this ‘infamous Sydney Test’? Why do Test Cricket has to be in 19th century when it comes to umpiring while whole lot of other games are using latest technology to minimize or eliminate umpiring errors altogether? It is hoped that Sharad Pawar does not consider his political calculations in wining ICC chair to remain mallow against Australians. It is high time, world and India ‘teach’ a lesson to these arrogant and at times racist Australians Cricket Players.

If Australians do not behave well, Indians should walk away from this Test Series. It should be understood that Indians are the one who bring ‘beacon’ at the end of the day for world of Cricket. BCCI is the one who rules the financial world of the Cricket and it needs to flex its muscle. Why BCCI should not even demand ‘annulling’ of the Sydney Test?

All these measures may sound extreme. But unless this malice in Test Cricket is addressed, Test Cricket will be destructed and game patrons will go away from the game in droves. That is a sure shot recipe to bring down the edifice of Test Cricket in just few years. Time is now to act. Sharad Pawar, it is your moment now.

As far as the other problem of this test goes – racial comments by Harbhajan Singh – truth must come out. If Harbhajan is guilty, Indians must accept his punishment. Just because Indian Sub-continent was subjugated to racism in history, does not mean any racist act by Indian player is justified. If any ‘cultural differences’ give rise to comments which can be interpreted as racists; then again Indian Team needs to adopt all ‘politically correct’ conduct on the field.

If Gorge Allen looses Virginia Senate race to James Webb when Allen called an Indian origin teenager as ‘Macaka’ (variant of Monkey); the word ‘monkey’ can be legitimated interpreted as racist. Hence no Indian can justify that use of word ‘monkey’. The other party can legitimately regard that as a racist comment. On the other hand, if Australian players are playing ‘politics’ here and raising ruckus where there none exist; it is they who will need to pay the price. The point is, truth in this case must come out and appropriate action must be taken. Again, BCCI and Sharad Pawar need to take leadership in this regard. Otherwise not only bad umpire decisions, far more complex and fundamental issue of ‘racism’ would engulf Test Cricket and its destruction will simply become fast paced then.

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