Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kerry’s Right Decision

Sen. Kerry made many political moves in his long political career as well as in his fight against Pres. Bush. Many of those moves did not work out politically or did not have full sense of righteousness.

But today, his endorsement of Barack Obama for President in 2008, is an excellent political move. Sen. Kerry is so right in doing so. A year earlier or so, he rightly judged that it will not be feasible for him to make one more run at Presidency. He will not be President ever. However, he is wise enough to realize that endorsing Obama is right for America and Sen. Kerry got it correct. Oh, in the process Sen. Kerry retained his honor and dignity too or should I dare to say he even enhanced it?

Thank you Sen. Kerry and here we go on with Obama’s march. This blog endorses Barack Obama for Presidency in 2008.

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