Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Solution to Economic Crisis

Doug Kass of Seabreez Partners outlines solution to the current problem.
Kass is the professional whose diagnosis of the market and economy has turned out to be true. Oh ya, he has paid his dues for the same – look for all the deriding comments by ‘greatest story never told fame’ Larry Kudlow over the years.

The question is why we voters, whose tax money will be spend and quite likely wasted by these politicians, should not demand that Congress moves along the lines what Kass folks suggest and not be beholden to debunked ideology of Messers Hank Paulson and George Bush? When will Main Stream Media fulfill its duty and keep on hammering on right proposals along the lines of Kass rather than ‘dolling’ out tax rebates? Will MSM fulfill its duty or once again it will be party to lying by this Administration and fail to ‘connect the dots’?

The world is watching.

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