Monday, February 18, 2008

Cold War – Is it not over?

Indian Blog The Acorn argues that it is a bad idea to recognize Kosovo’s independence. ( )

Very poorly argued blog entry. Instead of shedding any light on what is the current and future dynamics of an independent Kosovo, all it does is ‘rehash’ old mind set of Cold War.

Of course Serbia has long forfeited its right to have Kosovo as it’s part. Kosovo population or the rest of the world do not own to Serbia to continue their ‘millennium’ long efforts to establish a secular society. When centuries after centuries Serbia was taking revenge and raping hapless population of Kosovo; where were these ‘concerned’ people of secular state? Well, it turns out they were basking in the glow of those atrocities under the disguise of Soviet and Chinese Real Politick. What a shame. Sad part is even West woke up so late and why only Kosovo? What about Darfur? West needs to be more vigilant and active in many other parts of the world. But at least something is better than nothing.

Clearly Putin’s Russia and China are in no way going to be pleased by this. The side show fun is of Taiwan recognizing Kosovo. That made Chinese Red (well, real red in their face too)! Just watch the fun. Taiwan will continue establishing relationship with Kosovo and in the end Chinese may be compelled to recognize Kosovo least they allow Taiwan’s independence to flourish.

What about Putin’s Russia – who fears them? Is it not that West survived Cold World? Who cares Russian Bear? They have been playing such games for centuries and West & Rest of the World still have lived good life.

The question is whether India wants to follow such useless mindset of being a supplicant state of Russia and China. India should not and needs to be bolder here to help a peaceful transition. That doesn’t have to mean full blown ‘political recognition’, though that is good. Nobody is holding their breath for India’s recognition. Kosovo people know, when they were getting slaughtered there was no Indian Beret saving them from Serbia. So where is the ‘locus standi’ for India to get involved in this matter? India should rather go for a low key, quiet diplomacy of having relations on practical matters. Being a day old nation, Kosovo needs help. India has shown how she can help young nations like Afghanistan. India could do same and that will be immensely valuable. Not this regurgitation of Cold War mentality as revealed by this blog.

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