Saturday, February 09, 2008

Irresponsible Doris Lessing

This blog entry would not be there if Doris Lessing had not won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007. With that prize, it brings some legitimacy, expectation of righteousness and the moral bully pulpit. So it becomes imperative when that bully pulpit is used wrongly.

Doris Lessing is reported to say that Obama will not last long as a President because he will be murdered. As if such demeaning of America is not enough, she adds that Hillary will be a good choice because it will be calmer.

Where were Doris Lessings of the world when that same Hillary and many of her Senate colleagues joined George Bush in rushing to the Iraq war? How come the violence coming out of Iraq war is acceptable? In what world is that ‘calmer’?

Do we dare to say, Doris is ‘racist in disguise’ here? What is wrong with these so called wise Europeans and journalists around the World? We have Gabor Steingart in Der Spiegel insinuating at no ends why Obama campaign is all ‘hot air’ and Clinton campaign is all rooted. Then we have Paul Kelly in The Australian implying Obama is all ‘sex appeal’ and no substance; in otherwise good analysis.

One can only speculate why so many enlightened people from around the world root for Hillary and then fail to recognize why Americans root for Obama.

- Bill Clinton’s regime is considered as the one with no foreign policy adventures and hence Hillary regime will be calmer too. Obama looks a risk since no one knows more about his potential administration.

- Many in the world, and especially Europeans, fail to understand what was wrong with Monica Lewinsky affair. They all think it was just ‘Right wing Conspiracy and Distraction’. Sure it was, but to fail to see how Slick Willie destroyed the trust of Americans in White House is nothing but to be blind. Well, considering travails of Sarkozy’s private life; Europeans may find Rudy Giuliani’s private life as a model life too!

- And indeed many in rest of the world are hypocrites. On one hand they want to oppose America’s tendency to rush to a war, but on the other hand want to ignore when one of their beloved Liberals continues such warmonger policy. Rest of the world sees warmongers in GOP Americans only.

- Finally, most in rest of the world do not think average American voters are wise enough or enlightened enough to be ‘color blind’ while selecting their Presidential candidate. It is consistent with the ‘demeaning’ view of America. Americans – they all are crass third class people who only take ‘home equity loans’ to float in unending consumerism without any sense of what is right in the world. It is very convenient for rest of the world to regard Americans are as ‘Romans in decline’ who are engaged in never ending orgies and narcissism. They are gullible to the sex appeal of their candidates and do not have any ability to understand or analyze serious matters of state policies.

Shame on rest of the world who do not see brighter side of America. This failure to understand average Americans is what compels many in rest of the world to fall for Hillary’s candidacy. Even a Nobel laureate can not muster the wisdom to see through this.

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