Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Queen Maker – LA Mayor

Antonio Villaraigosa, is the new queen maker of Clinton Camp. When it came the time to deliver, he delivered Hispanic votes to Hillary in her California landslide victory in Dem primary. Remarkable feat considering how Opahra and other ladies band tried at the last minute to sway the public for Obama. One can see how he could very easily eclipse Richardson of New Mexico and take his position in the possible Clinton Administration as the head of Hispanic voice; especially after the fall of New Mexico to the Obama camp.

Oh, and personally with all sorts of marriage problems; Villaraigosa is more near to Clintons than Obama. What is with these mayors? They all have problems in their married lives and then they back Clintons. Past San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales and current San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom; both fit the same pattern.

All in all, these mayors are turning out to be keys in this national election. Daily Kos made that point quite early on and how rightly. LA Mayor is the king of this pack and it is quite clear that Hillary will pay his dues when times come. Some obligation to carry to on.

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