Friday, February 22, 2008

Shameless Journalism

No, I am not talking about NYT’s shenanigans regarding McCain’s so-called affair with some lobbyist in distant past. Enough of credible people are pounding on that.

I want to refer shameless reporting by one Gabor Steingart, the Der Spiegel reporter in Washington DC. It looks like he wants Hillary more than most Americans! His reporting of American Primary elections has become a joke.

First, he started with Obama’s Iowa victory as hog wash, wait for few more races and Americans will wake up from the dream. But apparently according to Gabor, Americans prefer to have Obama dream and they continued to vote him more than Hillary. Now that Obama may clinch the nomination, Gabor is saying that Obama is nothing but Dot Com Boom of 2000!

There seems to be a competition among these so called realists to describe Obama’s campaign in more derogatory and hyperbolic terms. Gabor would win that.

Problem for Gabor is he thinks Obama campaign is empty. He is not experienced enough, qualified enough to be the commander in chief. But he does not explain whether he thinks Hillary fulfills those or McCain fulfills those. In absence of that, his misguided criticism amounts to throwing mud because he did not have probably good night sleep. There is no analysis of Obama’s policy details, no attempt to compare policies of three candidates and there is quite a lot misreading of Obama’s policy. In short ‘shameless’ journalism. At times Gabor sounds as if only when he sees a candidate as dour and as gray like an East German Communist Party member or a vintage Soviet era politburo member; he will regard that candidate as the serious one. I mean the guy simply refuses to take Obama seriously and feel that Americans are voting him because collectively they all are on some kind of drug or so. What lunacy!

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