Monday, March 10, 2008

Politicians and Lust

One more Dem star bites the dust and joins the growing list of Dem politicians who can not control their sexual cravings:

- Ron Gonzales, Mayor San Jose
- Gavin Newsom, Mayor San Francisco
- Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor Los Angles
- James McGreevey, Governor New Jersey
- Elliot Spitzer, Governor New York.

What do they have in common? Probably all of them are inspired by Bill Clinton.

Of course, GOP would not allow Dems to have monopoly in matters of ‘sexual double’ talk. They have their stars like Sen. Vitter, Sen. Larry Craig who are following in footsteps of their past greats like Speaker Newt Gingrich. So all in all there is no dearth of hubris. You get varieties, Dem style or GOP style; there is no partiality here. You can have whichever flavor you want.

Every few years we always come across such cartoons. It will be so in future too. Just that Elliot Spitzer is today’s cartoon. What a shame.

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