Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pope Visits USA

One simply wonders whether Bush was trying to use the Pope visit to ‘redeem’ himself and his presidency from the colossal failures of his regimen. Pope celebrates his birthday at White House, Pope makes major public gesture to heal wounds of ‘clergy sexual abuse of children’, visits American Synagogue, speaks at UN to distribute world power more, Pope prays at Ground Zero in NY and then leads a spectacular mass at Yankee Stadium. Each occasion superseding the other by Vatican color riots, those are some amazing drapes and prop setting. Pope also selected a very appropriate season to visit USA – spring time.

But regardless whether Pope’s visit redeems Bush Presidency or not, the political message from Pope was one of ‘healing’ and building bridges. He was right to face clergy sexual abuse scandals head on and he was bowing to the reality of multi-racial multi lingual flock of USA.

This visit has been soothing, calm and healing for Americans in otherwise their daily life struggle of high gas prices, Iraq war and mortgage crisis. Quite a positive contribution from papacy. If that means some credit to Bush in extending the red carpet to Pope and pulling strings behind the screen, so be the case.

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