Friday, May 23, 2008

David Brooks – Cool Cultural Commentator

Barack Obama has become the Prince Caspian of the iPhone hordes.” This is what David Brooks writes in NYT.


David Brook is cool and if this blogger had the power of ‘the Force’; he would grant the ‘Order of Merit of the Geekdom’ to Brooks.

It is not often that the culture of blogs and Geekdom is covered in favorable terms in Main Stream Media. So folks, while the sun shines for us in the Conservative land of David Brooks; enjoy it.

Clearly, David Brooks is in not writing in an academic journal where he has to put test his argument to a rigorous analysis based on in-depth study. He is writing in MSM Gray lady – NYT – which is in for profit pursuit; though that pursuit is challenged by Googles of the world is a different story. Hence, this light touch and rare praise for geekdom.

Brooks is right to chronicle the ascend of ‘geeks’ in American culture. There is obviously some truth in how ‘iPod’ generation overwhelmingly supports Obama. It is the flip side of how ‘Harley Davidson’ riding Rock Star sipping white male, well past his sexual prime, is a supporter of Hillary.

So if one keeps aside the strict yardstick of science and facts; Brooks writing does offer some insights in what is going on. Portraying ‘geeks’ in positive manner is one such manifestation.

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