Sunday, May 11, 2008

Drama in Balkan

There is something with Balkans, for centuries those small nations in that area managed to hold European political stability in balance. Not just WWI, but even now those nations straddle European stability.

Conventional Wisdom was that Radicals would win the election in Serbia by igniting so-called Serbian anger for Kosovo independence. But as the early results are coming, President Tadic’s pro-European party is the largest vote getter and seems like a surprise winner. The win may not be sufficient to form a government or a stable government; but it indicates clearly people’s fatigue with Ultra Nationalistic politics as well as limits of how far Kosovo can be exploited in Serbia. Also looks like nifty ‘political carrots’ (and some serious actual concessions to Serbia) by EU bureaucrats were sufficient enough to seduce larger Serbian population. In any case, aligning with EU is where Serbian future is. There is only so much one can run day to day life by past glories – as the wont of Ultra Nationalists is. More people understand that, the world be a better place. Serbian voters are showing this desire and ready to question the ‘sale’ by Ultra Nationalists. That is welcome.

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