Monday, June 23, 2008

Classic Move by Bush Administration?

Surprise, surprise of all – Bush Administration is talking about having some diplomatic presence in Tehran. Iran has such a presence in DC and hence it is quite feasible if that is what USA Administration wants.

Such a diplomatic move is intriguing, but not impossible to understand. In classic manner of keeping larger USA interests in mind (at least at the fag end of the term), Bush Administration must have realized that the next Administration is quite likely to have some relationship with Iranians. If the next Administration is Obama Administration, which looks quite possible today; then instead of giving it the political leverage of breaking radically from past; Bush Administration wants to make it look like – progression. Well, whatever is the motive, this is a good policy.

Is this something which Bush meant when he said in Europe that he wants to ‘leave behind a framework’ to deal with Iran knowing that time has run out on his watch to deal with that problem? It seems so and indeed it is a good step. Obama or McCain, any of that Administration would welcome Iranian relations on mending rather than doing everything from scratch.

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