Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hillary – Leaving in Grace

Fundamental lesson of power politics is ‘sacrifice’. Today, Hillary sacrificed her ambition and the personal end goal of decade’s worth of politics. Needless to say, this one single act can in essence ‘wipe out’ all misgivings about her. Hillary is now the ‘towering’ figure of Progressive forces at large; in some sense in the league of Al Gore because the fact is Obama could never electorally defeat her totally. In a way, indeed she is the back up leader of Democrats - the leader who has shown that she does not hold power for personal sake; the leader who has the capacity to make sacrifices and the leader who will work hard in the end for the party and common goal. In our hearts Democrats will know that, it is she who we can fall back in our times of need.

Hats off to Hillary, long live Hillary and Democrats.

To many in India it can be pleasant to know that Sonia’s political act of sacrificing PM post for the good of party and country is ‘trend setter’. First it was the neighboring Pakistan where Asif Zardari openly desired to emulate her. Now, that political innovation has landed in the oldest Democracy of the world. Exactly, that is how we want the 21st century politics – constellation of democracies sharing and exchanging political ideas, innovations and set pieces.

While America has been facing tremendous challenges to her leadership in most fields; there is one human discourse where Americans have shown enormous amount of vitality and dynamism - that is electoral politics. Democratic primary has been the hot bed of these political innovations and at the core of today’s political advances. With Hillary bowing out gracefully, Democrats have done their part in quite superlative manner. It is so pleasing and fulfilling to see a leader like Hillary on the right side of these mass efforts. She got tremendous response and backing in the primaries and today she is ready to offer that to Obama campaign. Obama campaign and their supporters now owe to her, her supporters and the party to bring unity and win the general election. With morally uplifting electoral performance by Obama and the party unity based on the bed rock of Hillary’s sacrifices; foundation for Democratic victory to turn a page on the regressive politics of Bush era is all set.

Today, the Democratic Party of America looks like one of the most potent and righteous political forces on planet earth.

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