Tuesday, June 03, 2008

History Made

Many in America and quite a few in rest of the world would think, humanity’s political progression has attained one important mile post – Barack Obama became the presidential nominee of Democrats.

Try saying the name slowly and loudly – BARACK HUSSIEN OBAMA – and then slowly the reality will start sinking home what has happened. The uncommonness starts from the name, the skin color sets it apart and then the intellect and the person’s morality uplifts you. This is what happened in American Democracy on Tuesday.

Stunning and quite uplifting.

There is nothing to hide about it, but large portion of voters feel the satisfaction of ‘doing right’ when they back Barack Obama’s campaign, it is not just electing someone who delivers you some favors. That is a sure sign of a leadership. Substantial social and policy changes have occurred when people at large are ready to make necessary changes, howsoever hard, when they feel they belong to a larger cause. The leadership which articulates and carries this larger cause does not get narcissistic but rather concentrates on helping and shaping this mass movement to the desired goal.

Barack Obama campaign has opened that possibility for many Americans.

Now the next question – whether majority of Americans feel the same way or not, comes on November. That is the journey which will be travelled in coming days and for many such a voyage with similar minded people will be the privilege and experience of life time.

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