Saturday, July 19, 2008

Obama’s Iraq War Contribution

Charles Krauthammer in Washington Post laments that Obama has not contributed anything to advance America’s foreign policy interest and hence it is way too arrogant for him to ask for the Brandenburg speech. Well, I guess Kruthammer will have to get used to ‘burn by jealousy’ for many more years regardless of whether Obama becomes president or not. Democratic party has coalesced around Obama not for nothing. Obama will carry the ‘cross’ for Dems and he is doing good. Sure, the fun will be how these Neo-Cons get frustrated over the years and surely will understand then what happened to those who were advocating progressive or even centrist agenda under Bush regime. Soon it will be Neo-Cons turn to suffer.

The basic contribution Obama doing here is to stick to his policy theme of reasonably rapid return of American forces from Iraq. What that has made it possible is for Iraqi’s openly side with that idea – look for Iraqi PM’s latest statement in Der Spiegel that he agrees with Obama’s idea of quicker time line for returning forces. Not only that, effectively that has forced Bush to agree for the timeline business now, after resisting for so long. Obama kept the pressure here. Relative calm brought by ‘surge’ made the political space for Iraqi’s to think about life after Bush. Obama on their side along with such a tremendous grass root support all across America made Iraqi’s to nudge Bush falling in the line. This is Obama’s contribution and no matter how much Kruthammers of this world berate him for missing the surge judgment; here is the real value.

Obama Campaign may ponder over how to ‘cash’ this. That is their electioneering problem; essentially made quite easy by the misguided and ‘out of phase with Iraqis’ policy of John McCain. One of finest commentaries about how politically untenable McCain has been on Iraq is from Daniel Larison in ‘The American Conservative’ .
Meanwhile for Americans, we want Obama to continue his realistic positions on Iraq without any hesitations.

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