Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spanish Winning Streak

Carlos Sastre continues the golden summer of Spanish sports – after Euro Soccer and Wimbledon; here is another Spanish athlete with the win of Tour de France under belt (third Spaniard in row). Spain has always been a power house of cycling, so this is all fitting in their great tradition.

Question is will they have now equally scintillating Beijing Olympics. As of now host China is expected to overcome American dominance. Some speculations are China winning around 42 gold medals to 39 of Americans and overall medal count at 86 to 85 in favor of China. Dominance of USA, Russia, China, Germany and Australia is not expected to change; just the ranking within top 5 nations. All nations nowadays go with specialty. There in lies glory for nations like Spain in focusing on specialties like cycling. Can not wait any longer for the most expensive sports extravaganza starting in next two weeks.

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