Sunday, July 06, 2008


No doubt, very impressive movie. Long, long time I saw anything like this one. Exceptional. It is amazing with essentially just two stages or story places (Wall-E's home / desolate planet as shown somewhere near New York and the space ship Axiom) and the first hour or so without any human dialog; so much can be created and so much meaningful can be said.

In the summer of 2008 in America, intellectual taste and social sensitivity of a person are brandished by writing a review or critique of this movie. On couple of occasions I was tempted to write one review, but then with a rare bout of 'holding a mirror to oneself' I realized my limitations and decided to spare occasional readers of my blog. So, the real critique and review I liked is by our usual ultra-caustic, uber-commentator Frank Rich of NYT. Here is his review, as usual very incisive, sharp and pointed:
http://www.nytimes. com/2008/ 07/06/opinion/ 06rich.html? hp

Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic says - any civilization which can make a movie technically and aesthetically as sublime as Wall-E is NOT doomed for failure or extinction. I guess it is quite a strong statement. But Andrew Sullivan is not known for any restrained reactions.

My daughter liked 'Kungfu Panda' more than 'Wall-E'. She found the latter bit serious. In a way the movie is more for adults than for kids. May be where it grows it is not consumed - in California many kids may be like my daughter (age 6+) finding Wall-E so so; whereas those kids in New York who watched along with Frank Rich seem more receptive to the political message of the movie.

Or may be I have more work to do on 'parenting front'!

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