Sunday, August 10, 2008

John Edwards

Thank lord, we never had too much of space (or none at all) devoted to this politician on this blog. It was hard to reconcile wealth garnered by a trial lawyer by milking wrong doings of corporations with his quite narrow political platform in primaries – eradicating poverty. It was hard to understand how you would eradicate poverty when your policies were in effect all ‘anti-employment generation’. His incessant references to his humble roots were tiresome.

He did, however, contribute to American Politics by forcing Democratic candidates to come up with credible Health Care Plan. He effectively set that agenda. But there too frustrations of folks like Ezra Klein is understandable -

As is said, he literally risked Democrats in this presidential cycle. Good riddance. Who is the next Dem in this year’s crop of Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards and the gang?

John’s wife Elizabeth has been the moral force in setting the tone for John’s campaign in primaries. Her article in NYT about health care and media’s ignorance of this important issue has been a classic. However, unfortunately this development kind of raises some hard questions to Elizabeth too – how come knowing John’s affair she backed him his pursuit of presidency? Especially, without coming clean in the first place? Something is missing here.

More and more it is clear that so many of our politicians find it hard to keep their political promises and postures credible. May be it is a tough business to be in. Is it rally? Or it is just a question of being ‘honest’?

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Umesh, Very well written.