Saturday, September 13, 2008

America’s Possible Train Wreck

No, I am not talking about the train wreck in LA which killed 18 or so people. Southern Californian’s will take right lessons out of that – how to get back quickly into their SUVs (that is called ‘flight to safety’) now that gas prices are coming from stratosphere to near ground.

The train wreck I want to talk about is the new driver in McCain’s Straight Talk Express – one named Sarah Palin. It is really not about her lack of knowledge about Bush Doctrine as exposed during the interviews with Charlie Gibson on ABC. But when asked in the same interview what did she think of Russia’s foreign policy in recent weeks; her answers were beyond acceptable naivety in foreign affairs. Palin said, Russia is her next door neighbor and implied ‘hence she understands how they conduct their foreign affairs’. First of all, this is laughably insane and irresponsible depiction of her geopolitical understanding of Russia. You may very well be able to ‘see’ Czar’s land from Alaska; but it is barren and hardly anyone lives there. Proximity of Russian border does not bring the experience of ‘dealing with substantial body of Russian population and leaders’ to Alaskan people. It is not as if Austria is bordering with Hungarian population centers in Europe and hence those Austrians know how ‘Hungarians’ think. Russia’s political center – Moscow – is continent apart from Alaska–Russia border; the center which essentially makes the consequential geopolitical decisions. Cultural understanding of population of Moscow may be accessible to other centers like Kiev or Riga or Minsk. But there is no way one is going to understand how Vladimir Putin thinks just because Alaska is bordering with some remote corner of Russia. Charlie Gibson kept on asking Sarah what ‘geopolitical insight’ such border proximity gives her into the Russian conduct. Sarah could not answer anything.

Sarah talks as if she is living in a cul-de-sac and geopolitical considerations are nothing but issues like over grown plum tree dumping over ripe fruits in you backyard and making a mess of it. And Americans are expected to give the nuclear codes in Sarah’s hands!

The problem with base GOP voters is they are forgetting that Sarah may be proud and competent mother of five. But that has nothing to do with the basic competence required to handle duties of VP position. Just as a successful political career does not make you qualified in raising families reverse is true too. Ask Bill Clinton who missed few steps or try talking family life with Condoleezza Rice who fortunately is wise and humble not to trade into those spheres. Such is the political irresponsibility GOP folks are showing that they are insisting Sarah to become VP just because she raised five children.

Actually it is beyond that. A co-worker shared a joke with us: A man wakes up in the morning in his clean and pitch perfect bedroom with a glass of water and aspirin tablets on the table. A note written by his wife on the table said – ‘Honey, breakfast is ready and I am out to get groceries; will be back soon.’ Indeed the man finds his breakfast ready and then he asks his son who is eating breakfast – ‘Son what happened yesterday night?’ His son says ‘You came late night, completely drunk and made raucous in the house. Mother took you to the bedroom and she started to undress you. You said - Lady, leave me alone; I am a married man.’ Priceless.

What is terrible with the joke is first it assumes that ladies are dumb enough to believe words of a rascal who misbehaves so much. But the joke is revealing because – GOP is like the man in the joke and American voters are like that wife!

Sometime back Peggy Noonan raised hailstorm when she labeled GOP as ‘battered wife syndrome’ at the hands of President Bush. But really it is GOP which is ‘abusing’ America and American voters election after election are electing presidents and vice presidents which are really there to destroy America. Who in the world would think that Sarah Palins of the world are competent and qualified to be Vice Presidents of USA? Then, what honor did McCain see in nominating her? Heck of a job, Senator McCain! Is this the way McCain’s GOP wants to serve ‘country first’? It is all a farce as if there is a competition among GOP power brokers to get ‘dumb’ and ‘dumber’ in offices.

Yup, not just America but potentially the world will be paying quite a heavy price for such disastrous politicians in White House. We have seen that in last eight years. It is a train wreck. America’s enemies do not have to do anything – America is fast at that job. These are sad and tragic developments.

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